The Rio Grande Valley's only professional MACologist
From the Lisa, to the original Bondi Blue iMac G3, to the latest 27” iMac and MacPro mini-tower; from the original iPod Shuffle to the latest iPad; from Magic Trackpad to Apple TV and the iPhone….Apple Products are varied and many.

If you need help with YOUR Apple product, here in the RGV, you have The MACologist at your service.

** macOS … in Apple's laptop and desktop computers

Improve your Mac skills by learning macOS’s features, functions and processes. Get to know the applications (apps) that come pre-installed on every Mac. Training is also available with some of Apple’s other apps—like Pages, Numbers, & Keynote. There are so many things to learn about a Mac and its software. Learn how to be more efficient and productive, as well as the simple things, like: burning music and data CD/DVDs; backing up files; importing photos and making albums in iPhoto; importing music and making playlists in iTunes; and so much more.
** iOS … iPod Touch, iPhone and iPad

Understand the ins & outs of your “i-device”. Learn all about the settings, the features, the iCloud integration, and more.

** SO MANY QUESTIONS, but many many answers!:

“Should i get a laptop or a desktop Mac?”; “iMac or MacPro?” …or maybe a even Mac Mini?”;

“Do I need more memory?”

“Which is the right size laptop for me?”

Maybe you have Macs already but wonder: “What’s the best backup method for me?”; “What type of equipment do i need for a home or small office network?”

With professional consultation, you can be assured of choosing the right Mac and the right equipment to support your wants and needs. Making these informed choices equals comfort, security, and peace of mind in your computing life.

** Macs are fairly “bullet-proof” but issues and problems do come up from time to time, such as:
• Start-up problems.
• Email will not send/receive.
• File sharing is not working or just quit working.
• My
( fill in blank ) is not working right.
• iCloud is so messed up!
• Printer setup and/or configuration problems.

** Complete set up and configurations for your one at-home-Mac, or a business office full of Macs.
** Internet connections, wireless routers, printers, backup hard drives and/or online backup services.

** Just one Mac for your home or multiple Macs for your business.
** Just a single connection to a printer and the Internet or multiple-Macs with network printers and file sharing.
** Do you doing just basic file-sharing or do you really need a Server?
** What are you doing for backups!?

** Macs have a good reputation for being well-built and long-lasting, but can still have normal wear-and-tear break-downs, and parts can go bad.

I can perform almost any repair that might arise for Apple desktops and laptops of all models…from component repair and replacement to new hard drives and RAM upgrades.
When necessary, I work with a long-established, full-service repair shop in California that offers a 6-month warranty on repairs.
(I don't do hardware work on iDevices.)